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Why elope in Maine?

The enormous and expensive weddings of yesteryear are not for everyone.​ If you find yourself wishing that getting married could be easier— it can. ​Local married couple, Tara and Joaquin​, offer affordable wedding officiant and photography services for Maine elopement ceremonies within a 50-mile radius of Kittery.


This husband and wife duo (whose own wedding was an elopement) are here to help take the unnecessary stress and astronomical cost out of wedding planning.​ Traveling from out-of-state and have questions on how to arrange your elopement ceremony here on Maine's beautiful seacoast? We can assist. Email us anytime.

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The owners of Firefly Wedding Chapel. Joaquin (seated), next to his wife Tara (standing).
"Everything was perfect, the ceremony was flawless the Chapel is just so quaint and decorated impeccably! Our day could not have been any better, I can’t say enough about Tara and Joaquin. Thank you!"

—Kristine Tobin Foley

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